Modeling Experience

Much of my work in the modeling industry has been print work, which means I rarely see the end result.

Here you can find examples of my collaborative work with local businesses and photographers. 

Southern Snow Day

What's a gal to do on a snow day? Call up Jasmin Elaine, who has a mood board for everything and freeze for some killer images and belly laughs. Pro tip: as chic and editorial as it may look, don't wear a crop top when shooting in the snow. You'll thank me later.

Two Shoots Before Sunrise

Thank you Blake Schultz for bribing me with free coffee to be up and shooting before dawn, because no joke, these pictures are some of my favorites EVER! He arranged the whole thing, so naturally we will begin with his photos, but there were actually two photographers. 

Reagan Aleea brought so much energy and joy to this project and I'm so thankful to have met this feisty gal with such amazing talent! I love seeing how each artist took their own spin on the same scenario. What do you think?

Southern Bleachery 

The details for this shoot were just breathtaking and opened my eyes to what I envisioned for my own wedding. For example, notice that my bouquet is on a copper ring - total game changer. Amy of Sunshower Photography brought in an incredible group of talent and humor, making for the best shooting environment in one of Greenville's latest and greatest wedding venues, The Southern Bleachery

Craggy Gardens

This shoot was completely different than we planned, and even though I legitimately almost experienced hypothermia, I wouldn't have it any other way! Shot almost entirely on film by Jenna McElroy (in the rain, mind you) and styled by Katelynn Pinner, this shoot took on a "runaway bride" vibe that we all fell utterly in love with. I hope you do too!

Winston Salem

This test shoot with Kyle Duncan was well worth the drive! Also, who knew Winston Salem was such a cool town? 

Laundry Day

Back again with more unbelievable work shot by another incredible friend! Christian Crocker is probably the most artistic mind I've ever encountered; graphic design, music, photography, you name it and he's got a knack for it. He called me up during finals week with this idea and an hour later we were in a sketchy laundromat, having a blast, making fools of ourselves and getting these killer images as a result. If you like these, definitely give him a follow for more fantastic content ( )

The Classics | Granger Owings Collaboration

I'm blessed to have a lot of talented friends, one of them being the creative content master Charles McBryde; this stylish son-of-a-gun has really developed his photography skills to match his killer Instagram (@charlesmcbryde). Anyway, I got to help him shoot the new line of clothes for Granger Owings, a local store South Carolina known for timeless styles. They carry all the classic wardrobe essentials, ie. these Ralph Lauren pants I'm now obsessed with.

Wedding Wonderland

This wedding inspired shoot was all thanks to the creative talents of Chris IshamModFete Floral Designs, and Tessa Pinner Cakes. All their businesses are based out of Greenville, SC and each one is a joy to work with!

Parking Deck Sunsets

These shots were taken by my incredibly talented roommate Melanie Pertorious <3. With just twenty minutes of lingering sunlight she managed to take some of my favorite pictures of my entire modeling career! Like I said, ridiculously talented.