Public Relations

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Newsletter  |  Fact Sheet  |  Press Release  |  Brochure 

These are pieces of the media kit I designed for Calvary Home for Kids in my Editing and Layout class. The goal was to create a collection of pieces that PR professionals use to spread their client's message and engage their audience.

Magazine Newsletter

This piece is a magazine style newsletter, in line with the style of the branding my team created for the organization when creating their marketing campaign for our Advertising and Promotions class. 

Weekly HR Blast/Update

During my internship, I created the weekly update newsletter the Human Resources Department sent out to all team leaders. These "HR blasts" as my supervisor called them, varied from week to week. Some contained survey's or updates on long awaited decisions, so I always had to work to try and create a cohesive but flexible template.

"The Power of ..." Presentation

 The leaders of First Quality Enterprises wanted their workers to know that Quality, Safety, Cost, and People were powerful and important to everyone in the company. I was assigned the task of creating a presentation that clearly conveyed how and why these concepts should be applied. 

FQ Ambassador Sign-Up

In an effort to involve team members in the hiring process, First Quality began a program to integrate them into interviews, tours, outreach, and feedback. Similar messages often failed to reach their intended team members, so I  created a sign to post throughout the plant to inform anyone who might be interested. 

First Quality Hiring Poster and Postcard

Unlike my other work at First Quality, I created these pieces for external communication to advertise our job openings to the public. They were placed on bulletin boards, in libraries, and other public venues to increase awareness about First Quality and the all the positions they were looking to fill. I created the QR code to help applicants go directly to the application, as the website is a bit difficult to navigate.